Welcome to the website of Cool Food Ideas.

A company with proof of concept. Cool Food Ideas develops new concepts and technology for food and beverage industry. Never heard of Cool Food Ideas? Cool Food Ideas is a licenses company and our concepts are normally introduced into the market by our clients. Our specialty is frozen food and chilled beverage products. We do not only develop new products but we also build the prototype machines to produce the products or even build the production line. We own one of Europe’s most innovating production line, were we produce the products for our clients. We don’t have our own brand. With our group of companies, Research and Development, Trading and Licenses we became partner of some major multinationals. New concepts can be produced in our production facility in Den Bosch and tested all over Europe in your market. After testing the new product with the consumer you can decide either to buy your own production facility or out source the production to us. Cool Food Ideas is owner of patents and technologies.